Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cindy's on a Tuesday Night

The local hang out in Elkridge, MD is the soft serve ice cream shop--Cindy's.

On warm summer evenings the lines can stretch to the street as the locals stand in line to get some ice cream or other frozen treat.

Last evening, Chris and I decided to make one of our infrequent visits to Cindy's along with the ever faithful Makayla.

The evening was warm--but not hot. Low humidity and of course the mosquitoes were not yet biting too badly.

It was busy--but not mobbed. I was amazed at how many young people there were--but Chris reminded me that the local school does not start classes until 9:30 AM.

The servings are ample and the prices fair.

We have been enjoying Cindy's for many years now and the opening of Cindy's in April is an event not to be missed. The closing in October is always sad as it precedes the coming winter.

But for now--Cindy's' is open and it is the place to be in Elkridge on a warm evening.

The kids were amazed at Makayla's fur last evening as they played and alternatively came over to enjoy her. And she them.

It is a sign that the season is changing from cold to warm. I was attired in shorts, sandals and a tee shirt--good mid-summer fare even though it is only May.

Cindy's--we enjoy it. And we can hang out with the other residents of Elkridge and enjoy a soft serve ice cream without the hassle.

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