Friday, April 22, 2011

Watching the World Turn Green

I have been far more aware this year of the greening of the landscape.

I notice every day how the trees have gone from bare, to the reds of the leaf buds and now to the light greens of the newly growing leaves.

Mixed among the multitude of flowering trees, they provide a peaceful, yes, bucolic setting.

Chris reminds me every time I mention how green everything is getting, that I've said that before.

But it is true--I never really noticed the progression before, maybe it is just because I never really took the time to notice the progression of the season. It always seemed like one day it was bare winter-ravaged landscape, the next it was blooms, leaves, and spring.

This year, I am enjoying it more.

Watching the rebirth.

The colors which rival the autumn which everyone seems to appreciate so much.

I think the colors of renewal are far more exciting that the colorful robed trees that usher in the season of winter.

But, that's just me.

I'm enjoying it all--and the smells of the springtime too--the blooms on the breeze and the smell of freshly mowed grass.

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