Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The orange ball hung in the sky--
like a basketball as it pauses above the rim
after bouncing off the iron;
above the horizon, coloring the clouds
gracing the early dawn sky
with glow that made them alive
a flight of geese, silhouetted
flew across its face
while I was driving to work.

I watched the geese fly
skirting the trees--
they joined another flock
to begin their day
as was I--
speeding down the pavement
in my classic Jag on a rare outing
on my way to work--
I could only take a snapshot
in my mind

I enjoy images like this as they happen
because they seem to happen less
or is it just
I notice them infrequently
I am lost in my own thoughts--
focused inward
I forget--
God's handiwork is better than
any painting in a gallery
fetching millions at auction.

I have be ready to see the scenes

Geese flying across the rising sun
they are still there
caught in my mind--
for me to replay
and be comforted and excited
about each sunrise--
every day.

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