Friday, April 29, 2011


The past few days have seen some terrible weather across the eastern half of the United States.

I work with people who are keeping tabs on loved ones and friends in the south--specifically Alabama; and I also found out that a rare tornado hit in my hometown in upstate NY destroying the house of a family friend.

These are the times when the best of people come out.

The sense of community and caring for those who suffer loss.

I watched the news the other night from Missouri where the flooding is occurring--and thought of my sister who lives there--wondering how the flooding was affecting her.

The news is bad.

Wednesday evening we watched the news as it was tracking possible tornado laden storms across our area--within miles of Nicole and Mike's house.

We prayed then. We pray now.

And we offer assistance to those who are hardest hit by the severe weather.

Weather is one of those things that transcends life and places in perspective our daily work--it can all be changed in so short a time.

So help those who are afflicted by the severe weather--be it wind or flood or earthquake or tsunami.

Be a commmunity united to help .

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