Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Standing in Line to Check Out

Pet peeve!

Everyday I go to the cafeteria for lunch. I am fortunate to have a very well stocked cafeteria so close to where I work and that it provides generally high quality food at a reasonable price.

Here's the rub: people who are at the cashier and it seems the first time they even think about paying for their food is when the cashier tells them how much.

And then--it dawns on them:

They need to get into their purse or wallet and find money--sorting through or over all kinds of obstacles while the line behind them right at the busiest lunch hour time grows longer.

And if fumbling around in their purse for their wallet isn't enough--then they decide they want to pay with exact change and start rummaging through the change purse for the elusive dime that isn't there.

And my lunch is getting cold.

And my frustration level is rising because I have my money in my hand ready for the cashier so a not to inconvenience the people behind me and subject them to my incompetence at finding money in my belongings.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity of watching the tragedy unfold in front of me, the transaction seems complete; except, now all of the belongings and purses need to be put away and heaven forbid if there was change involved--that too must be carefully put away at a pace likening the speed at which glaciers covered the land.

And my hot chili is now becoming so cold that I wonder if I should microwave it--but that would require getting out of line again.

So I step to the counter and hand my $5 bill at the cashier and smile pleasantly because I know it is not his or her fault that some people don't think about things in advance.

I say "Have a great day!" and I mean it because I'm sure they are as frustrated as I am at the scene which they witness countless times per day.

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