Thursday, April 21, 2011

Springtime Flowers in the Yard

Dogwood in the Back Yard 2011
I have been off this week enjoying the yard and the weather--which has been mostly tolerable.

The other day, even in the rain I was out putting down sod over the holes in the ground created when I removed the stumps. I wanted to get the grass down while it was still damp--because I believe it will take better that way.

  All along the way though, I have been enjoying the flowers in the year--my classic favorites the weeping cherry tree, the dogwood at the back of the yard, and my four bleeding heart bushes are absolutely magnificent right now.

Bleeding Heart in the Side Yard 2011
The flowers of springtime are especially beautiful to me as the days are still cool and the trees are not yet fully in leaf--these flowers and all of the flowering trees in this area provide a burst of color and life accompanying the spring rebirth.

I have already mowed--and the lawn needs another mowing this week. It is good that all of the plants are springing to life--and warming my heart as I pause--amid the hectic pace of my life, to notice them.

Weeping Cherry in Magnificent Bloom 2011

The weeping cherry is especially full and beautiful right now--a pink snowball of color right in the middle of my yard.

We are planning to plant a couple of trees to replace those we have lost during the past few years--a willow, a redbud, and potentially a dogwood are on the short list of trees to potentially grace our yard before the end of the week.

All good springtime trees--the willows are one of the first to green up and shake off the slumber of winter, while the dogwood and the redbud are both strong springtime performers. More color and more flowers for the yard.

Springtime should be even better next year.

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LilyWhite said...

I vote Dogwood they are one of my favorites next to magnolia trees!

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