Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring clean-up

I love heading off to the dump with stuff that no longer needs to be around the house.

Actually, I don't like to actually dump the stuff, but rather I prefer to recycle it all. Our dump is truly a recycling center and the over whelming majority of what I take there is recycled.

The other day, I was able to take a huge couple of truck loads of branches to the center to be recycled into mulch. I had my truck piled as high as I ever had it during those runs--but I was able to remove the stuff in two big loads.

I have also enjoyed using my chain saw--and although I now own five blades for it, I now know where to get them sharpened both conveniently and inexpensively. So I actually have three sharp blades and two dull ones right now--look out trees--you are gonna wish I wasn't armed and considered dangerous!

Actually, there is almost no harder tool to use than a dull chain saw.  Think about it.

Chris has been working her tail off too. I am very pleased with the amount of work we have accomplished so far--but with a house and yard--it seems there is always something more to do out there.

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