Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday--Pool Opening Day 2011

It is pool opening Saturday--something I forecast back in January, but almost decided to delay a week or two into May.

The weather is scheduled to be awesome.

The pump is already assembled and ops checked.

The water is clear and the desire is there.

Are you ready for some clear, cold water?

I certainly am. But unless the cover gets off the pool it is not going to get any warmer.

The opening of the pool ushers in the summertime season for all of us. It provides a true escape from the hastle of everyday life and I know the thought of falling into the pool after an especially log day at work often is the driving force for getting me successfully through the day.

Asleep on a floatie, a beer in my hand, baking in the afternoon sun.

Can it possibly get better than that?

BTW--today is the last day of April 2011. The year is 120 days old already. Where did it go?

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