Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the Way Home from Great Wolf Lodge

The car ride seemed to go on forever--even for a seasoned traveler like myself.

On the Ride Home from Great Wolf Lodge
I confess--I snuck a few winks as I grew tired of checking out the license plates of the cars in front of me.

There was one point when everyone realized that swimming in the morning at the lodge, shopping at Williamsburg Pottery, and then spending untold hours at an Outlet Mall had taken its toll on the littlest member of the party--Jax had nodded off and his earphones, for the movie he was watching, had slipped down over his eyes.

Well, it had all taken its toll on me as well.

I almost felt like Gilligan's Island--a three-hour drive became a seven-hour ordeal.  We left the Lodge at noon and did not arrive home until after 7:30 pm.

The kids were troopers!

Me? Not so much.

I don't need any more practice with long car trips. I have taken enough that I feel like I don't need the practice any longer.

Although--since we did not take I-95, the most obvious interstate, but rather cruised US 301, the route was pretty with the colors of springtime and pleasant due to the relative lack of traffic. I was fun to spy the forgotten buildings of the era before I-95 dotting the landscape and repurposed into other uses.

The drive was overall enjoyable--just long!  But a fitting ending for an all too short weekend.

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