Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Musings - April 4, 2011

1. Home Opening Day for the undefeated and alone atop the American East Division Orioles and the weather forecast has changed from low 50's and rain to upper 70's and fantastic! What a great way to start the season. Reality will likely set in sometime soon--but it is fun to enjoy the ride while we can. The last time the Orioles started a season with a three-game sweep, was 1997, when they started 4-0 and led the American League East every day from Opening Day until the end of the season.

2. Heard in church yesterday: When you were born, everyone else cheered while you cried. Live your life so that when you die everyone else will cry while you cheer.

3. There is something really therapeutic about getting my hands covered with dirt while planting and cleaning the gardens. It reconnects me with my roots and with the earth. Springtime is such a season of hope and planning.

4. Also heard in church yesterday: If we don't cry over the people we lose, maybe we never really loved them.

5. About the protests and killings of UN workers in Afghanistan. Can the church in Florida that burned the Koran be charged with murder? It has been reported that 21 people have been killed as a result of their Constitutionally-protected but irresponsible action.

6. We had an impressive thunder storm last evening as we went to bed--the sky was lit with lightening on numerous occasions as the skies watered the plants we had planted earlier in the day. Springtime is definitely upon us.

7. And so another week begins--the first full week of April--wow, the year sure is slipping by at a fantastic rate. Just yesterday, it seems, it was new Year's morning.

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