Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musings - April 25, 2011

1. Going back to work after a week away is hard. It gets harder every year it seems as I truly begin to evaluate the point at which I will no longer have to work at a job everyday to enjoy the life I desire.

2. The rain and gloom of stormy days makes the days of blue skies and sun more enjoyable.

3. Kids are fun to enjoy at Easter.

4. Easter Eggs Hunts can be very competitive.

5. Where did you go over Spring Break? I spent a week in exotic Elkridge. It sure isn't Napa.

Happy Easter 2011
6. I've heard about sta-cations--where people vacation at home. I think I've just completed a wor-sta-cation where I worked my tail off staying at home for a week!

7. Riordan has been back from his walk-about for over a week now--and we are still paranoid about his disappearances around the house. The other day we could not find him in his usual spots and nearly called 9-1-1. We did find him sleeping peacefully under the covers--yes under the covers, on one of the guest beds.

8. Chaos. That's what happens when a freak thunderstorm pops up in the middle of an Easter Egg Hunt. I know there are still some eggs out there waiting to be found.

9. I'm reading a new book which theorizes that the Last Supper actually occurred on Wednesday rather than the more traditionally held Thursday of Holy Week. I know that some time ago, when I looked at the the gospels in detail that I felt much the same--there was too much stuff happening between sundown Thursday and 9 AM Friday for it all to work. The book is titled: The Mystery of the Last Supper and it is written by Colin J. Humphreys.

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