Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings - April 18, 2011

1. It is Holy Week--that period between Palm Sunday and Easter set aside to remember the sacrifices made for each of us.

2. Spring Break dawns with hope anew and thoughts of sleeping late.

3. Most heard phrase around the house: "Have you seen my . . . ?"

4. This date in history: 1775: The midnight ride of Paul Revere.

5. The Orioles have managed aseven game losing streak. Great--and after such a pomising beginning.

6. Heard in the lyrics of a song: "I'm really not a stubborn as I seem, said the knuckle to the concrete."

7. Today is stump grinder day!  The stumps that have been a problem in the yard are going to go away.

8. Passover begins tonight at sundown.

9. Ethan turned six this past week!  I have a six year old grandson! Am I old enough?

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