Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Losers Whine and Winners Win

Ugh! I hate it.

I suffered through an 11 inning game of baseball on Sunday afternoon (Easter Sunday) sandwiched around dinner, Easter Egg Hunts, and grand children only to see the O's come from behind to tie the game and then be robbed of the winning run in the bottom of the ninth--followed by a total defensive collapse to lose in the 11th.

And so I'm doing the loser whine.

I hate the thought of replay in baseball, but I have to think that it would help teams who have to play the Yankees and Red Sox get better calls on critical, game-turning plays.

In my mind, and that of many sports writers, Andino should have been ruled safe at the plate and the O's credited with a win over the Yankees.

But--it was not so.

Like A-rod's homerun last year to win a game after he had clearly struck out looking, teams like the Yankees get the breaks.

I have to assume noble intent on the part of the umpires--but how many more times time do I have to see obvious bad calls go against the Orioles before I can send a letter off to the commissioner of baseball with even a glimmer of hope that it would reach his desk.

It is bad enough that the payroll of the Yankees is over twice that of the O's--but to get seemingly all of the close calls as well? Come on. The Yankees don't need help to win--yet they seem to get it consistently.

Maybe there is a place for instant replay in baseball on more than just home runs. If only to ensure the playing field is truly "level" so to speak.

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