Saturday, April 9, 2011

Felled Trees and the Smell of Earthworms

I know--it is kinda weird, but what else do you call that smell after the Spring rains fall on the now very green grass--which I probably should think about mowing.

It is the "smell" of the earth after the rain--the sweet smell that caresses the land and reminds me of earthworms.

As we were digging in the gardens last week, I was pleased to see that we have a lot of worms grinding up the inorganic matter into fertile nutrients for our plants.

The other day I finally had three dead, but very tall trees felled. They will, by the end of the year, be cut, split, and stacked for firewood. They were just a bit too tall for me to want to deal with--and I wanted them to fall in a certain way so I paid to have them dropped--the guy who did the job for me put them right where I wanted them.

They are wet now, though, after the soaking rains of the past days.

But it is a couple year's worth of wood lying on the ground ready for processing with my chain saw.  And I will get to rent a splitter again, too.

I am beginning to see a lot of new green leaves out my window and the weeping cherry is about to burst forth in bloom as well.  It is the time of year, here, when the flowering trees are putting on a show which rivals the autumn leaves.

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