Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Lily in front of the Fireplace
It is here.

He is Risen.

Tell everyone.

Don't let the moment slip away--it hasn't happened before nor since.

It is truly special--and upon this one event, everything hinges.

Some say that Christianity is too rigid--because we believe that it is our way or the highway.

Show me a belief system that isn't.

Muslims kill infidels.At least Christians aren't doing that much anymore.

Hindus and Buddhists profess their way is the only way, too.

I think it is the inherent definition of a belief system/religion to be somewhat exclusive.

Ah, but I forget--we live in a country where first and foremost everyone believes that their way is right and that when confronted with the idea that they aren't right about something, they continue to believe they are right despite the evidence.

There is an advocate for everything--no matter how hokey.

I'm an advocate for the Risen Son.

Take that world!

Deny it all you wish--try to find a hole in the history--it hasn't happened yet.

It is not there.

Jesus rose from dead--by himself.

No one before, nor since has done that.

The God who came to us in Christmas is the God who redeemed us at Easter and desires a personal relationship with us every day. He wants a personal relationship with us so greatly, that he died for us.

Happy Easter. This is where the story didn't end--but where it began again.

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