Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami, Earthquake and Japan

I spent most of yesterday appalled by the destruction in Japan from the earthquake and resulting tsunami.

My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Japan as they begin to try to recover from the disaster and bury their dead.

It reminds me how quickly life can change from the routine of the day to terror and disaster. One minute, shopping for a meal at the well stocked grocery store; the next, clawing for life from amid the rubble caused by an earthquake.

I saw the news reports of the wall of water sweeping over the countryside carrying buildings, vehicles, and probably people into the oblivion of destruction. I couldn't stop watching it everytime it was played on TV. It reminded me how fragile the creations of man are when compared against the great forces of nature.

Pray for the people there--who were just going about living until life abruptly changed.  Send aid when you can.

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