Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Magic

Saturday was a magical day for me. I didn't realize it as I was making my way through the day, but in less time than it takes for some people to commute to work in the morning, I was able to spend a great day in Florida, attend an Orioles Spring Training game, and fly back to Maryland to join my family at a local pub for some celebration drinks and still be in bed only an hour or so past my regular bedtime.

During the day I enjoyed 81 degree temperatures, saw Major League Baseball, got sunburned, and experienced the joys of passing through airport security with my favorite TSA personnel.  What could be better?

Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at the ball park and dinner at Pub Dogs in Columbia with Patrick and Corey (and Chris, too).

Only when I slowed down on Sunday morning did I realize the magic of the over 800 mile journey that I took without almost even thinking about it. In olden times--800 miles would have been a month long or longer journey on a horse or with a wagon. They could never conceive of a day like I had--it would have been science fiction to them.

And yet--I did it Saturday. And many other people do it nearly every day and do it almost without thinking about the magic of it all enabled by technology that we are so comfortable with that we don't even really consider it, either.

How much easier is turning the key in the ignition of our vehicle and roaring off at 60 mpg (or more) when compared with getting the horse out of the barn, saddled, and ready to stroll off at the rapid clip of about 5 mph. And then brushing the horse down when we return. A trip into town--a short distance away was an all afternoon affair.

Sometimes I refer to the vehicles I own as my stable--just for that reason. To remind me of how lucky I am to be riding in air conditioned comfort rather than eating the dust of the unpaved road.

As I crawl into my car/truck this morning and the rain begins to fall, I think I will be a bit more appreciative of just how good I have it when it comes to travel.

And of course--having Florida so close doesn't hurt either.

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