Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reverse Thinking

Monday night they showed this video at the men's group that I attend. We were completing our series and I was fascinated by the video and decided to link it into my blog so that others could appreciate the video as well.

I also read the comments on You Tube below the video and am continuously amazed at how negative so many people are when confronted with simple statements of personal belief. Unbelievers, it seems,  are always searching for ways to confirm their unbelief and tear everything apart.  It is sad.

One of the comments reads as follows: "By the way this video is made form personal choice rather than from actual evidence and explanation.Its the same old redundant argument made from a bronze aged mythology called Christianity. Pure garbage."

If unbelievers are so insecure, perhaps it is because they understand the eternal consequences of their actions--and it makes them uncomfortable because of the "what if" question. Apparently although the factual evidence exists in huge quantities, many do not want to accept or understand the facts surrounding Jesus Christ.

What if:
  - there is a loving God who wants a personal relationship with me?
  - eternal separation from God is real?
  - I don't really know everything although I try to justify my unbelief in everything I see and do?
  - the wages for sin is death and although the price was paid for me, I don't accept it?

Questions, sadly, that could be haunting for a long time.

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