Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reflecting Daylight Savings Time

With the gloom and storms of the morning promising up to three inches of rain, I was fondly remembering Tuesday morning's blue skies and bright sun which greeted me as I exited the club after my racquetball match.

I was astounded at the clarity of the sky--in the cold dawn light, but I also noted that it was light. The sun (by almost 7 am, had cleared the horizon and was beaming brightly into my eyes.

It was a stunning scene as I drove from the club to work. I knew the sun would be burning into my eyes as I merged onto the already too full expressway which is Maryland Route 32 during the morning rush. But, I was looking forward to it.  Next week daylight savings time resets the morning clocks by an hour and I will not enjoy the morning sun in my eyes again until May.

Yes, yes, I know I will be enjoying the sun longer into the evening and that I won't be grilling dinner by my grill light, but still; being a morning person I enjoy the dawn and the sunlight in the morning , too.

I love the smell of the day breaking over the still slumbering world. Wet with dew and filled with the sound of the birds waking with the dawn. 

I enjoy driving to work with the headlights off and the sun cheering my soul as I begin another day of activities. Some days, I even drive to work with the top down on my car, just because I can.

And so, with the raindrops beating against the window panes, I return to the reality of now and prepare for my day. Not nearly as cheery as I was on Tuesday--but hopeful that the rains will not be nearly as fierce nor as drowning as they could be.

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