Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Really? This Much Press for a Bad Boy Actor?

The Charlie Sheen situation has finally driven me to the edge of my patience.

I am tired of hearing on the news about this spoiled, rich, self-appointed Adonis actor who has an untreated drug problem and currently is getting more press than the war in Libya that is driving our gas prices into the stratosphere.


He got fired for being an embarrassment. An embarrassment to himself, his family, the people who employed him and to humanity.

People lost their jobs and now the people who were trying to work with him and protected him for a long time are being vilified.

It is all very sick.

The news has been transformed again from what is happening in the world, to what sells.  And actors being bad, sells.

One college newspaper tells the story as follows:

"Pot, cocaine, heroine, crack and meth don't seem to be doing it for the average drug-user anymore. Always looking for the newest and greatest, a new drug has just hit the scene and seems to be the only drug of choice these days.

The drug is called Charlie Sheen. It can be snorted, smoked or injected intravenously. It has become extremely popular among high school and college students and is now the most common drug at UCCS.

When on the drug, students have described a feeling of "winning." The effects of Charlie Sheen resemble the symptoms of bipolar disorder. As such, users experience extreme bouts of winning on either end of the spectrum. It also renders users capable of curing diseases with their brains."

The whole Charlie Sheen 15 minutes of fame needs to run its course and be done and fade into a distant memory and be forgotten.

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