Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Projects and Cold Weather

Last evening, Tina was over working on some projects.

It was cold outside--to cold for the paint to dry that she was using for one project and too cold for the glue to set on another.

The operative words here are that it was too cold.

Too cold.

We have moved to daylight savings time--(btw--did you note that Russia has moved permanently to daylight savings time?) to have more daylight in the evening for projects and now it is too cold for the projects.

So can we get someone to turn on the global sunlamp and get temperatures up to normal at least?

The cold weather is a problem for the grape vines in central Virginia--the low there last night of about 27 degrees is right at the point where damage could occur to the new growth. hopefully, the vines are still slumbering.

The cold is also going to make the Aloha Shirt Day I am sponsoring at work on Wednesday seem a bit premature--but we should have fun with it nonetheless.

Alas thought, I too have many outside projects which need to be started--but it is too cold. By the time it warms up enough to work on them I am afraid it will be too hot to work on them.

Well, Opening Day at home for the orioles is Monday--hopefully it will not snow on Monday. It did one year.

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