Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out the Hotel Window - Denver in March

Looking into the Morning light
I was thinking I wasn't going to do the out the window thing for this trip--afterall, I'm staying near the airport and the area is flat with not much to look at.

But then, yesterday morning, I looked out my window after talking to Chris on the phone and was treated to that fire in the sky kind of sunrise that just makes me go: aha!

I was awesome. And then I saw the moon and a star over one of the buildings near to my hotel.

Yeah, the images are grainy--what did I expect from my iPhone.  But I captured a memory. A moment in time as the world came alive, stirring and waking from its slumber.

Moon and Star over the Plains

Interestingly, shortly after I took this these images, the loval TV station rebroadcast similar images of the sunrise on its morning show. I guess I was not the only one who thought the scene painted by God was special.

I continue to be amazed at what I see and notice outside my hotel windows as I travel. I never used to even really open the curtains and let the world in, but I am finding so much to see and marvel at now that I am taking the time to look.

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