Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Musings - March 7, 2011

1. March is already a week old? What happened to February, did we lose it somewhere in a snowstorm?

2. The rains of this past weekend should really get off to a great start. Coupled with the moderate temperatures we should be mowing in a few weeks.

3. Paul Zukerman writes an interesting and thought provoking article titled: "Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus." Take a read--it caused me to pause for a moment and think.

4. Did you read the one about the college basketball player attending BYU who, when asked, admitted to having premarital sex with his girlfriend? He was suspended from the basketball team just before the conference tournament and may be kicked out of school for an honor code violation. My question--OK, yeah he did it and admitted to it. And being suspended from the team is the right thing to do, but there needs to be some mercy here too--we all sin, daily. Perhaps we are just lucky enough not to be breaking BYU's honor code when we do it.

5. Spring training continues to be exciting, and although the O's lost their second game, they do seem to be playing very well and lots of promises seem to be being fulfilled.

6. I watched most all of the four Indiana Jones movies this weekend, as they were playing back-to-back-to-back-to-back on one channel and it was raining all day Sunday.  I'm not sure if I'm proud of this ultimate couch potato achievement or not.  Although, I did ride almost six miles on our exercise bicycle to compensate (I was watching one of the movies as I rode). I think I need a new hat, lol.

7. Here's a thought--I like rain a whole lot more than snow! We received over an inch of rain this weekend--that translates into about 8-10 inches of snow. Any questions? Sorry to my family in upstate NY--you should have taken a short trip for the weekend to avoid the white stuff.

8. As we were driving on Saturday, I noticed crocus and snow drops were blooming on some of the yards in the neighborhood.

9. The birthday party for Jax on Saturday, was also attended by four of the family's dogs--I forgot to mention that Makayla and Chewbacca also were in attendance.

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Mike said...

Zuckerman has a point, but he certainly stretches some things. Jesus was against violence - not against swords. He never stated His position on gun control. And His message was not that simple. Turning one's cheek and turning one's back are two different things. Coerced redistribution of wealth through the tax code and "charity" are also two different things. I'm in favor of progressive tax laws, but I don't consider it an act of charity.

As for the BYU guy, I disagree with the university's zero-tolerance stance, but my understanding is that they are very explicit about it with all of their students and particularly their athletes. He knew the consequences and could not have been surprised (other than the surprise of being caught). Me made a mistake and is paying the price. He's not going to prison or anything. He'll just have to get his education somewhere else.

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