Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings - March 28, 2011

1. March is over this week (amazingly enough--where did it go?) and we launch into April. The weathermen are reporting that April will begin with weather more suited for February.  What a downer for such a promising month. Only 30 days until pool opening day--weather permitting.

2. College basketball is fun and this March the madness has been incredible. Consider this--of the 68 teams in the NCAA Men's tournament, 4 remain to vie for the crown of National Men's Champion. Of the four, there are no Number 1 or 2 seeds left. That, friends is what sports are all about. You have to play every game.

3. We had a great wine weekend. A quick trip to Charlottesville to get some of the consensus wine that we helped to blend, a quick stop at another winery and then back home. Yesterday, we went to look at some homes for sale--just because.

4. Birthday weekends are busy. This week we celebrate with Patrick--and then next up is Ethan. Dinner at On the Border last night was a lot of fun and a good spur of the moment idea. A lot better than pizza.

5. I'm hosting a conference at work this week--so the blog may be a bit late or thin. Bear with me. Conferences drive me crazy.  So many loose ends. Changed schedules and the like. It is far easier to attend a conference than to plan and host one.

6. Japan and Libya are still occupying the bulk of the news from around the world.  Both situations seem not to be showing many signs of improvement.

7. This week we said good-bye to a faithful companion of Mike and Nicole and I grieve with them on the passing of Calvin (or Cal)--the cat that came free with a $10 bag of cat food some 12 years ago. He was a fixture around their house and he was one of those cats who really took charge of things--be they children or yappy dogs. It was both sudden and sad the day he passed and like so many other good friends--he is missed and will be missed. Sadly, I don't think I have any images of Cal to share.

8. Here is a thought. Plans are made to be changed! You knew this of course. But, this weekend really drove that point home for me. Nothing happened that way it was planned or envisioned. That, is the spice of life.

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