Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings - March 21, 2011

1. Welcome to the first full day of Spring! We have officially survived another winter and are now heading into the best parts of the year. Spring arrived at 7:21 pm EDT last evening. I couldn't get my egg to spin.

2. What an amazing weekend.  On Saturday at noon I was sitting in a baseball park in Florida getting sunburned in 81 degree full sunshine. On Sunday at noon I was strolling my yard in 51 degree temperatures bundled in a coat trying to stay warm hoping that the sun would shine stronger and longing to take the cover off my pool.

3. Saturday was an amazing day. I woke up in Sarasota, Florida, attended a baseball game, drove to an airport, flew two hours north to Baltimore, and was celebrating an early birthday with Patrick and his friends in a local pub before 10:30 PM. And it seemed normal.

4. Week one of daylight savings time is now complete. We should all have fully recovered by now.

5. Japan is still fighting nuclear disaster in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami--don't forget them.

6. Libya is a catastrophe. I'm glad the international community stepped in, but as we know from experience in Iraq, and the Balkans--it is a slippery slope that we are treading upon.

7. The wine that Chris and I helped create was released this weekend by the winery--sadly, we could not attend the release because I was in Florida--but we are headed to the winery next weekend to secure a few bottles.

8. Did you look at the moon this weekend? I did.

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