Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Frustration

Cold. Rain. Cold. Dark.

Springtime is just not getting off to a strong start.

Yes the hyacinths and tulips love the weather, but I am a warm-weather person.
Miniature Daffodils in Bloom March 2011

Last week at this time I woke to sunny blue skies and daytime temperatures heading into the 80's. There was a lot of green and I was wearing shorts and walking on a white sandy beach with the turquoise waters of the Gulf lapping at my bare feet.  I had my shirt off getting a mild sunburn while I enjoyed the view out of the water-sky boundary on the horizon. Another reason that I love southern Florida!

And so this morning it is dark, cold, dreary and there are hints of snow in the rainy, wintery (yes, they call it wintery) mix of precipitation.

I will endure my day hoping for some amusement this evening as I enthusiastically attend happy hour with my friends and we shake off the frustrations of the week by wallowing around in some good wine, sampling some new cheese, and munching a few crackers while talking about the promise of the Orioles as Spring Training draws to an end and the season is poised to begin next week--when the games actually start to matter.  (How was that for one awesome run-on sentence?)

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