Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Football Rule Change - Loss of the Kickoff

It may be one of the most exciting plays in football--the kickoff.

So many freaky things happen and it adds a wild card twist to the game. A team getting trounced can turn the game around on a kick-off return.

As reported in USA Today, the kickoff rules are being significantly changed. Read about them in :
Eye-opener: How do you feel about the NFL's new kickoff rules?

So what has the NFL done? In the reported interest of player safety they have again moved closer to a game in which the excitement is being taken out. 

Decades ago, the NFL made the game better by moving the goal post from the goal line to the end line (1974). Many fans don't even remember that there was a time when a field goal was 10 yards closer for the pros than college. And they added the two-point conversion (1994) to make the game more interesting and exciting--kind of like college football--which many argue is a better overall product from the standpoint of excitement factor.

But now--with the modification to the kickoff rules, the NFL has laid an egg. 

Arguably the most exciting, nail biting play in football may be reduced to a formality with a kickoff out of the end zone and the ball being placed on the 20 yard line becoming the norm.  Heck--why don't they just put the ball on the 20 yard line after a score and dispense with the kickoff altogether if they are really that concerned about safety. Who needs an onsides kick anyway?

NFL lock out, kickoff changes. Wow, am I ever glad it is baseball season.

Batter up!

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