Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dancing with the Moon

I don't know if you took some time to view the bright moon this weekend or not, but it seemed to follow me everywhere and forced itself into my stream of consciousness.

It really began early Thursday (the 17th) morning as I was driving to the club to play racquetball about 5:30 AM. Yes, it is early, but I love starting the day on the courts.

I noticed the moon setting on the horizon--it was dancing in and out of my view around hills and through trees. It would disappear for a moment--and then return, a bright orb on the western horizon cheering my soul with its apparent antics in the sky. It made me smile and I thought about the moon and how it really wasn't moving around at all, but it was my own turning that made the moon apparently dance on the horizon.

I enjoyed driving on the nearly deserted roads and waiting for the moon to peak up over a hill, or to come into view from around some buildings. It had been a very longtime since it had driven around with the moon so low on the horizon.

And then, Saturday evening as I was flying back to Baltimore from Tampa, I got to watch the moon again.

It was a bit different though as the moon appeared lower than the airplane. I watched the moon rise in the east over a cloud bank and tried to take an image of it, but the iPhone and dirt on the plane window just do not do it justice.

I watched the moon pass under the wing of the airplane as we banked. The sky was clear as we approached Baltimore, and I saw the moon illuminate the Chesapeake Bay as we turned onto final into the BWI. It was a painter's scene--the moon shining down and illuminating a long streak in the bay silhouetting the ships and shoreline. I etched the image into my brain--if only I were a painter so I could capture it for others to see. But alas, I have a hard time staying in the lines.

All in all though, it was an interesting couple of days watching the moon dance with me and illuminate the darkened planet with its reflected light.

We all need to take time to notice these things. It grounds us.

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