Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter's Revenge

Yesterday morning as I was watching snow fall on the Today Show hosts, I laughed to myself about how nice it was to be in Maryland and not be part of the oncoming storm.

Yes, everyone ,this morning's mess is my fault.

I thought we were safe. I put away the remainder of the salt and started thinking about Spring.

But as yesterday continued--the weather report got more ominous--and it became apparent that Winter had heard me joke about it being all but over and decided to make a return appearance.


By 9:30 last night the snow was falling--not just a little bit--but in significant amounts.

I had to put the cinder blocks back into the bed of my truck for a bit of added traction. And the snow was falling and laughing at me. I could hear the laughing as the flakes slammed into the ground and on my head at an ever increasing speed.

I have to deal with it at least one more time.

But I am up for the challenge. Again.

Deal with it!

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