Friday, February 11, 2011

Walking Backward

So, kind of as a corollary to yesterday's post, I spent some time thinking about some of the people I know who seem to be walking backward through life.

Their entire focus is on what happened in the past--without ever really turning around to see what is in front of them.

These are some of the saddest people I know.


Because their focus on the past is usually recounting and reliving something bad that happened to them that they cannot get over. Some transgression caused by someone they loved, or some failure of their own.

They become consumed with their anguish and cannot turn around to see that tomorrow is where the possibilities are and that yesterday is hostory--and try as we might, we cannot rewrite what has happened. We can, however, change the future!

I've been to that place, I admit. And I can pity party with the best of them.  Ask Chris.

But it is so much better to turn around and face forward to deal with things you can affect rather than lamenting history.

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