Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time, Toast, and Toes

It is funny--when I get to spend a week bacheloring it with my dog around the house; time seems to fly right by. I wish I could just sit and relax--but there seems to be laundry to do, cats to feed and litter boxes to freshen.

I noticed it yesterday morning as I was eating my toast. Makayla was there ,as usual, waiting for that last corner from each piece that I faithfully give her every day. I was writing a blog entry about my family and how we all rock. And then, I  realized that counters needed cleaning, dishes needed washing, and OMG, the laundry that I started three days ago was still in the dryer--fortunately it was mostly undergarments and towels. Chris will never notice the other items. Maybe. Not.

And as I began to get later for work--the dog food was low, her water was out, and Makalya needed her second walk of the morning. Sadly, she decided not to "give it up" very easily and so we were outside for what seemed like forever and the clock was ticking in what seemed like double time until she finally found the exactly perfect spot for her business.  Which I speedily scooped up and deposited in the trash.

Normally, I play racquetball on Tuesday mornings--but not this week, thankfully. It gives me a bit more time.

And then I thought about my toes--yes--toes. I normally love going barefoot around the house, but this winter we have been keeping the house so cold that the thought of going barefoot begins involuntary shivers throughout my body.

How I would love to have my toes dug into hot sand on a beach somewhere with the hot sun beating down on my bare lotion-covered back and the gentle sea breeze washing over me with the sweet, clean, smells of the ocean.

Daydreaming--not allowed!

Time to rush off to the office and forget about time, toast, and toes and get back to the grind of life and living in the medium-fast lane.

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