Friday, February 4, 2011

There has to Be Something More

 At my Men's Group on Monday evening, we were exploring the fundamentals of life and faith.

We were treated to a 60 Minutes interview between Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback and Steve Croft. The interview was conducted during 2005 just after Tom Brady's third Super Bowl win when he was still on top of the world.

Tom Brady 2011 NFL Offensive Player of the Year

During the interview Steve asked Tom how it felt being on to p of the world after winning  three super bowls--or something to that  effect. Imagine this--Tom Brady said he felt there must be something more--something bigger.

Wow--I was awed.

There he was--on top of the sports world and he recognized, without acknowledging it, that what we do and what we achieve on our own always leaves us wanting more--we are empty.

Steve asked Tom which Super Bowl ring felt the best. Tom thought for a minute and responded--the next one. I wonder if he felt the same way after being named the NFL's Offensive Player of the Year for the 2010-2011 Season?

Tom--you may never get a "next" one.  You need to find happiness and contentment where you are right now. And since you've acknowledged that there is something missing, a lack of fulfillment--you need to change.

We all need to change.

No matter what we do on our own, or what we gain from the world it seems we will always be left wanting something more and asking, "is this all there is?"

No Tom--this isn't all there is thankfully!  There is a whole lot more out there and you can be part of it. 

Just ask!

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