Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That's How We Roll: Family Dynamics

My family is very resilient.  I often forget this, but this past weekend I was reminded how quickly we can mobilize to respond to a crisis.

The scenario: Chris is already "deployed" to Buffalo, NY (yes, I know it is the middle of the winter and she is reporting the ever increasing snow fall being dumped on her). She is assisting family embroiled in a long-term health battle by providing assistance and comic relief. And then, Sunday--with no warning, we developed another crisis right here in Maryland. Somehow, I wound up in the role of first responder--but by the end of the day, when the situation had calmed, everyone had played a part in helping the situation. The immediate crisis has passed, but the long-term implications are still being explored.

And so--to my family.

Independent--yet connected.

Ready to help out at a moments notice--but also willing to allow everyone to have space.

Most important--caring.

And that is how we roll.

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