Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sleepy Sunday with Spring on the Way

Unlike yesterday--the dog let me sleep in a bit today.

So now I'm a bit behind on the day.  Bit that is OK.

Yesterday was one of those days where it was a bit cold--but there was very little wind.  We were able to continue cleaning the yards and moving the remnants of Winter off and back into the woods where the leaves should have stayed anyway.

We took so many loads of leaves off the lawns and from around the pool that I was just amazed at how they had blown in.

But--we are ready for the mowing to begin! Well, the lawn needs to green up first. But if the weather keeps climbing farther away from freezing, I suspect I'll be mowing by the Ides of March!

I know the tractor is ready!

The pool isn't far off. I ordered the chemicals for the season and they will be delivered this week. So April isn't too far off.

In two weeks we revert to daylight savings time! (Corrected, thanks, Dad!)

It is funny, this year, unlike most, I have not been driving to work in the daylight. But not that it matters, let's get the daylight reallocated and start playing outside during the evening.

I need to get through this week first. But sleeping in a bit sure started the week out great.

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