Friday, February 25, 2011

Short Week means No Less Work

Although this week was effectively a three-day week, holiday followed by a surprise snow day, there was a full week's amount of work to be accomplished.

Work, it seems gets parsed out on a weekly basis. Just because the work week is shorted does not equate to less work. The same amount of stuff needs to get done, I just have less time to do it.

I can tell how my week is progressing by the newspaper I take along with me every morning. Most days, I get to read the paper over my lunch half-hour as I enjoy food at my desk. A busy day means that I hit the headlines and scan the sports section. Really busy days mean the paper never leaves the plastic sleeve that it is delivered in.

So far this week (all two days) the paper has not left the plastic sleeve. I'm not even reading the headlines, it seems that I am living the headlines. On top of that, I'm staying late to get the critical stuff done. Yesterday for example, I played racquetball at 5:30 am, but still was at my desk my 7:15. I checked out at 5:45 pm. Not too bad for an 8-hour day.

And I really want to get in to work early today so that I don't have to work too late tonight to get the weeks worth of stuff accomplished.

It is just funny how it all works out. 

Is time off, then, really time off or just time reallocated?

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