Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Musings - February 28, 2011

1. Traveling through airports is still an event; between clearing security, deciding what food to buy before boarding a long flight, and being treated like self-loading cargo it just isn't a lot of fun anymore.

2. I still find something exciting about watching the first light of dawn grace the horizon and chase away the night.

3. The Oscars were awarded last night--yawn.  Maybe they should all get real jobs.

4. The Arab world continues to implode and the real question is, whose side should we be on?  Are they going from the frying pan into the fire?

5. Congress. What happens when if government shuts down? Will they continue to get paid? There should be a deal in there somewhere. History says that shutting down the government over a budgetary impasse is a bad idea.

6. It is March Madness!  Let the annual orgy of college basketball begin.

7. Seems I was rushing daylight savings time a bit yesterday. It really begins on March 13th. I really thought Springtime was closer.

8. I didn't know that: On February 28, 1827 the B&O railroad was incorporated and became the first railroad in America to offer scheduled passenger and freight service.

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Mike said...

Couldn't agree more on the Oscars. Self-congratulatory drek. They seem to have forgotten that nobody cares about the awards and we just want an entertaining show. Tuned out early and don't plan on tuning in next year.

By the way, I just listened to Vlad driving in the first run of the spring and Reimold crunching the first homer. LETS GO O'S!!!

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