Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moderating Temperatures

I could not believe the weather forecast for the week ahead when I saw it on TV last evening. It seems the tide has turned on the bitterly cold weather--at least for a bit.

While there still is a lot of snow remaining to melt, it should be gone by this time next week.

The weather is predicted to even provide us a 60 degree day on Friday. A sure sign that Spring is not so far off and that outside activities may once again resume.

Bring on the pool floaties. Well, maybe it is a bit premature for that kind of activity.

But 60 degrees--that is warm enough to lower the top on Cat and cruise the neighborhood--with the heat blasting of course.

I will not be sad to see the snow melt. There is a lot of yard work already piling up to restore the lawns and yard to their pre-winter condition. The season has not been kind. We have at least one tree which will be taking up residence at the recycling center very soon as the snow and ice broke its back, so to  speak.

But the thought of 60 degrees is almost as exciting as actually achieving the day. I may have to play hookie from work during the afternoon to enjoy the day to its fullest. I think the medical condition is termed, spring fever.

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