Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking Forward

Sometimes I sit around looking backwards at the cool stuff that has happened. It is nice to have memories and pictures and trinkets of things I've done or places I've been.

But remembering the good times doesn't make them return.

I took a survey the other day--questions about what I like and what I like to do--those kinds of things and one question that I really enjoyed was: "What is your favorite day of the year?"

I could have answered in many different ways--Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Independence Day, the First Day of Summer and so on.

But I wrote: the first day of vacation. I love the start of the adventure. The beginning of something really different. The feeling that there is a lot ahead that I am about to do.

I want to look forward in expectation of something really cool and special. To an event unbounded by what I have done in the past. A change.

Of course the survey never asked what is the saddest day of the year? It is of course the day I go back to work after vacation. I spend all day thinking about what happened in the past and I get no enjoyment from today or what is going to happen in the future.

I like looking forward in anticipation.

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