Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Search of Springtime

I have to confess--I had to make a quick trip to the truck at about 10:30 yesterday morning and I almost didn't go back into work.

Yes--I was suddenly besieged by a terminal case of Spring Fever.

I haven't experinced temperatures as pleasant as those of yesterday since early November.

They were awesome and the sky was blue with puffy clouds.  It was cool--but not cold.

I didn't even wear an overcoat ot work this morning the 47 degree temperature was so pleasant.

I know there remains at least one more cold blast from the Arctic--but for yesterday and most of this week I will be searching for the new growth associated with Springtime and enjoying moderate teperatures celebrating the near end of an extremely cold and unpleasant winter.

For those of you up north--I'm sorry, but it is on its was there, too.

Stick with it.  Pretty soon we will all be cursing the need to mow the lawn.

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