Friday, February 18, 2011

February Paradox

Yesterday the temperatures were awesome and warm even. Remember, it was the 17th of February. In one month I'll be heading to Florida for Orioles Spring Training--the tickets are on my desk as I type this.

Cat on the First Day of Top Down Driving Feb 17, 2011
Last evening I drove home in Cat with the top down and the wind (cool but not cold) whistling through my ever thinning hair.

I was the envy of so many other drivers on the road. (Maybe they thought I was crazy)

Although I felt a bit weird putting the top down on a convertible in February in Maryland--that is why I bought the car--so I could! I took this image just before I put Cat into the garage for the night.

And that is why the top was down last evening--because I could!

Today is supposed to be even nicer!
The Snow that Won't Quit

I felt as if the freakishly cold snap was finally over. But, I know there are still 30 days until Spring officially begins.

Here's the paradox part--just up the driveway--there is still a huge pile of snow.

If I don't see anymore snow until January 2012, it will be too soon!

I just hope this pile goes away soon.

I am getting itchy to open the pool. And there is still ice in it.

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