Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday: When Hours Matter

There is a family on the street that connects to ours with one of those day, hours, minutes counters until Christmas in their front yard for everyone to see.  It sure hits home how close Christmas has come.

Today, though, it almost is better for it to go just to hours so people face the magnitude of the task in front of them.

Consider noon.  60 hours until Christmas!  By bedtime at 10 PM, only 50 hours remain.

So, how's your shopping and wrapping coming?

Stockings hung yet?

Did you clean out the fireplace so Santa won't track soot all over your newly cleaned for the holidays carpets?

There is so much to do and the time for procrastinating is long over.

I'd rather watch a movie.

And drink a glass of wine.

Maybe munch a cookie.

And stick my head in the sand. (Beach? Sun? Warmth? Sand?)

But you know what?  Christmas will arrive anyway--and I better get ready like a sports team preparing for a game. Have the game plan ready and the plays all lined up. I know who my quarterback is: Chris, and I've got to do a lot of blocking and protecting her so that she can get the plays run successfully. She better not get sacked!  Or I'm in trouble.

And the clock up the street just keeps ticking off the seconds!

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