Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week to Go!

Well, if the panic level wasn't high enough already--it certainly gets ratcheted up today.

The Christmas Season is drawing to a crescendo! Excitement abounds. Traffic is excruciating. And every visit by the mail person, FEDEX, or UPS provides renewed excitement.  Riordin, our new cat, is especially interested in all of the packages arriving and being stowed around the house.  He seems to enjoy the taste of the wrapping paper.

I know for myself, I am looking forward to a four-day week next week. And then Christmas Eve--with brunch, and church, and most likely friends for the evening.

Chris and I are thinking about finding a mid-night service to attend, something we have not done in years (or actually since we stopped singing in the choir at church). It was just too tough to do it all and it made for a long evening. But now--I think we could pull it off.

My Florida Dream House

The snow on Thursday--aside from really snarling the drive home, provided a needed boost to the Christmas spirit. Although, I did send Tegan a quippy note (she's in Australia) in her Blog about checking out the beach for me.  I really think I would be good with Christmas on the beach somewhere sunny and warm.  Even hot!

 Wouldn't a cookout around the pool to celebrate Christmas be awesome?  I'm a huge fan of Christmas Palms.  I want to get one on closeout after the holidays and put it in the yard next year.

Actually, I'm told the guy who owned our house before us did that one year to the tune of a couple hundred dollars to open and heat the pool.

But that seems a bit excessive--and propane is not $3 per gallon and not the $.20 it used to be.  It would be $500 easy now with propane and opening and reclosing the pool.

But, I'm dreaming of a beach Christmas--just like when I was in college a long, long time ago.

It was especially more of a dream after I shoveled the driveway yesterday and nearly froze my hands putting washer fluid in Chris' car and flattening the boxes to place them in recycling. 

Let's agree on one important safety tip: 17 degrees is just too cold!

Next week--the post-Christmas clean up begins. But for the next week--be sure you wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  They really want to hear you say it!

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