Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mid-Week Saturday

What a great idea it turned out to be.

Chris and I took Wednesday off to have a medical procedure done and were able to spend the entire day together--almost alone at home after about mid-morning.

We napped, baked cookies, bought gifts on E-bay and other internet sites and generally just chilled recovering from the activity of the morning.

A big thank-you to Patrick for taking such great care of his parents--including getting here before 6:30 AM to drive us to the Medical Center.

In the end, it was like having a Saturday in the middle of the week. I got to spend time with my dog, too.

Mid-week Saturdays break the week into smaller two-day sections and really help make it all palatable. It has been a welcome break amid a hectic season--even though it was a medical related break. Who says all medical stuff is bad.

OK--it usually is bad.

This time it worked out.

A mid-week break amid a season of intense activity. I highly recommend it.

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