Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Party Survivor

What a day it was.

A great day full of family and friends and wine.

We attended three holiday parties during the day, starting with Nicole's Birthday Breakfast at 8AM.  The mimosa's were flowing freely and the food was scrumptious. Nicole and her friends Pam and Michelle can really cook up a storm.. And as we all know, I can eat, too. The grandsons were great and even the dogs were well mannered.

From there we had a break before a holiday open house--where the wine flowed freely and the food was excellent. We met new friends and had a great time talking about wedding planning with a young and just engaged couple. We also, of course, were able to retell our story of the consensus blending last week a couple of times as well.

After a short break it was off o our wine club dinner hosted by Gary and Pam and attended by 11 of our closest friends. Wine pairings and good food and conversation highlighted a delightful evening. The hit of the evening was the sherry, I think, although the Cabernet Sauvignon was excellent as well. The conversation never lagged and the food and wine went down a bit too easy.

Was it a chore to attend three holiday functions in the same day? Not at all. It is the holiday season and connecting with friends and family is really what the season is all about. Strengthening ties and rekindling friendships makes each of us stronger and helps sustain us through the bleak midwinter.

I think I miss holiday parties during the summer. I love barbecues but there is something special about the holidays.

Next week is not nearly so hectic--and so I expect to be able to finish my shopping. But yesterday was a truly special day and one that I want to remember for a long time.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Thanks.

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