Friday, December 10, 2010

Flowers of Christmas

Technically, I guess it isn't a flowering plant at all--but we all consider the poinsettia to be one of those Christmas icons that homes are just not complete without.

This year we ran across an especially beautiful one and just has to have it. It has a variegated pink bracts.
And it is beautiful sitting on the table. It compliments our large traditional red poinsettia very well.

They are both beautiful, but like roses there is a small problem. Roses have thorns and I am allergic it seems to poinsettias. So I find out this year.

Too bad--I love the way they look and the color they add to the house during the bleak mid-winter is stunning. So I will suffer and remain drugged on antihistamines to function and enjoy the season. I'm also told that copious quantities of wine are good to make me forget my stuffy nose.

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