Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Pictures from the Blog - 2010

Below are my nominations for the best picture of the year from my Blog. These are all images that either I or my lovely wife, Chris, took on our cameras.  I will announce the winner on December 31st along with my best blog item of the year.

1. Jax is the coolest 2-year old on the planet. He has the world always under control. And for that matter he always has his parents and grandparents in the palm of his hand, too.  I love this picture because I really love this hat. I wish I could wear one with the confidence that Jax does! 
Jax--I love this Hat!

Baby? Where's the Baby?

2. Jeremy after Lucas was born. I don't really remember what was going on, but this picture really captured the emotions of the time--the joy, the excitement and the terror.

Snowpocalypse through the crystal of the door
3. "Through the Crystal" as I have titled this image,  is shot out the front door of the house looking into the post 1st Snowpocalypse event in February. I thought about this shot and felt it would provide a cool memory of the event. Of course, at the time I had no idea that a second even larger storm was on the way. When we were done, some almost 60 inches of snow lay on the ground. We were trapped for four days--with over 40 inches of snow in the street. The driveway was clear--but the street was impassable.

4. Makayla loves the snow. She was having more fun in the snow during the Snowpocalypse than should have been allowed. It was fun to watch her run through the snow and shake it all over herself. It was not fun, however, cleaning off her feet when she came in from playing.
Makayla Loves Snow
5. The roads were impassable. Chris and I and Makayla took a walk to check them out. The day was snowy and cold. Just the kind of weather Chris and Makayla like. I remember about the snow and cold for the entire walk. I was a true downer to be with since the snow spirit was so high in Chris.
Barely Passable

 6. I needed some color and we found it in California at a winery. These flowers just brightened up my whole day. And this image brightens my day every tome I look at it.
California Colors of April
7. As we walked through the Redwood forest during our Napa/Sonoma vacation, we spied this web glinting in the sunlight. Chris worked her magic--walking off the path and into a dry stream bed to snap this shot.
Spider Web in the Redwood Forest
8. This is one awesome looking dude! Getting ready for the wedding and looking his best--even with the half smile. Look at him--he is such a cool looking dude all decked out.
I'm the Man!

9.  At the wedding of the year. This image, I think, really captured the emotion of the day. Nuff said.
No Caption required

 10. On the beach in Jupiter, armed with her Kindle--reading and relaxed.  No--she did not take this image.
I'm Bored with Beaches

11. Sometimes an image just captures a scene exactly as I remember it. The hurricane was moving off shore. The surf was rough.  The sky and the clouds we vivid and to be remembered. The wind was strong and it reminds me of paintings I have seen of the sky and surf.
Like a Painting--Jupiter Beach

12. Before I managed to destroy my underwater camera, I had a great day of snorkeling and was able to capture this school of fish. I love the way the sunlight is playing with the shadows on the bottom and the sand is being channeled by the action of the waves. I felt like a member of the school as I was swimming with the fish the day. I enjoyed the snorkeling, but I would have loved to just be laying on the bottom in scuba gear--eve though ti was only 10 feet deep. I should have rented a tank.
I'd Love to be Sleeping with the Fishes
13. And off on the rocks--not 50 feet offshore one day and group of manatees came to sun themselves. They were awesome--not as awesome as the one that caught us by surprise a day later when Chris and I were snorkeling--but nearly so. In all of the years we have been coming to Jupiter, we had never seen manatees--but this past winter was especially rough on the manatee population, with some 10 percent dying due to the cold. So their patterns must have changed a bit. No problem--we thoroughly enjoyed seeing them.
Manatees! Right There!

14.  My favorite bird! I don't know why--it just is.
Real Birds Wear Pink!

15. We were out driving one evening after dinner and saw the perfect spot to snap an image of Jupiter Lighthouse. Chris took it--and I was sure it wouldn't come out--but look--it did.
Jupiter Light House
So I Can Find My Way Back
16. Lucas, asleep. 2010 is the year of Luke! What a great kid. What fun--and how he has so changed and developed. He is such a neat kid. One of the "Gang of Three."
A New Definition of "Sleeping Like a Baby"
17. The first day of school. I can feel the anxiety in the image.  That would be his Mom's anxiety.
Every Mother's Nightmare
The First Day of School
18. No year in review would be complete without my favorite past time being included. This bunch of Cabernet Franc grapes was at Keswick Vineyards in early-October.  A beautiful Sunday morning.
Walking in the Vineyard
19. My Pair of Kees together. BFF.
A Pair of Kees
20. And to end the year--the Eclipse Equinox. Chris took it, but I got up to view it as well. A truly unique event almost 400 years in the making.
Equinox Eclipse

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