Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite Blog Items - 2010

I reviewed the massive amount of writing I did for 2010 and tried to get it down to the top ten items or articles. I got close. I will announce my winner with the picture of the year on December 31st. And the nominees for favorite item from the blog for 2010 are:

Integrity Lapses End Badly. An item about the resignation of the Mayor of Baltimore because she had some integrity issues.

Lucas Arrives. An item about the arrival of the youngest member of the family.

"To Do" or "Not To Do"? lists and my use of lists to not do things. Don't let things get put on my list!

Grandfather - Other Duties as Assigned. This is about taking off a day from work to spend as the primary caregiver for Lucas and how much fun I really had.

For the Love of My Dog - Keeping Life in Perspective is about how having a dog keeps me grounded.

Quote of the Day. It was April 6th and we were in the Napa Valley at the Old Faithful Geyser and there were some little sheep of a different variety and Chris made this really humorous statement when she saw them.

Complicated Factors. I got on my soap box about people.

Home Projects--the Blood Factor. About how home projects just never are as easy as they seem or that they should be.

Afternoon with the Bride and Groom. One afternoon with Patrick and Tina finalizing arrangements for the wedding.

Sand and Beaches. Some thoughts about beaches.

Fizz in the Glass of Life. Some random thoughts about grandchildren and life.

Plug-n-Play Leadership: the Wrong Answer. A rant about something I see as really wrong about leadership in government.

Consensus Blending - Fun at the Winery. Retells the fun we had one Sunday at Keswick blending wine.

Boy in the Window is about how seeing a small boy playing in a store window reminded me of a 50 year old memory.

Wine Club Dinner: The 2010 Version is a Hit reviews the dinner we enjoyed with the wine club.

Dark Trees was one of the eight poems I wrote in the blog this year.

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