Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Rain

The rain is falling again.

Not that I'm complaining because at this time of year it could be the snow flakes of another blizzard.

So let the rain come--although I have already had to lower the pool level once since I closed it.

Rain in December falls in other ways, too.

The feeling of being too busy and being too wanted.

Yesterday in the mail we received invitations to two Christmas open houses. Both on the same day--a day in which we were already committed to another function. Fortunately one is early--so we will be able to attend prior to going to the function to which we were already committed--but it made me feel sad that we were going to have to pass on the open house sponsored by one of our neighbors--again.

When it rains--it pours, but this time it is good things.

Opportunities to be with family, friends and neighbors.

It is sad that we cannot do it all--but on the other hand--we get to enjoy a lot and we are blessed.

On a side note--for those who were following the current saga of my truck and the Maryland emissions inspection (which was due in May but extended until December 3rd), it passed yesterday without needing the repair waiver. And just as good--the service engine soon light had not been illuminated in over two weeks. I almost miss it--not really!

And the December rain--which thankfully is not snow, is continuing to fall outside the window promising another raw, pre-winter day.

But hearts are warm and we are surrounded by family and friends.

Let the rain fall--the flowers will be brighter in the springtime.

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