Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Prayer 2010

Father in Heaven

The world moves too fast and I let it rob me of time to spend with you. Help me to see the glory of your coming to earth as you promised to provide a way back to intimacy with you. Intimacy that I don't appreciate, for I use my time to do other things and to satisfy other pursuits. But I need to spend more time with you.

If I start by changing one heart, mine, perhaps another will change and then one-by-one the world will change. I don't appreciate your miracles anymore: that the sun rises each day and that after a night of sleep I wake up to a day filled with opportunities and hope and promise. I know in my head that I am blessed, but I really don't in my heart appreciate that I live in the the greatest country in the world, and in one of the richest counties in that great country. You have blessed me and my family beyond my expectations. And I fail to take time to say thank-you at the beginning and ending of each day. Forgive me for not giving the glory of my world to you.

Where would I rather be? I spend a lot of time thinking about that question. I would rather be right here doing the work that you have given to me to do. I must stop being so selfish and day dreaming about a beach somewhere with warm sand on my toes. You have put me here for a reason and I need to step up and do the tasks you have set before me--with joy in my heart rather than the sadness I pick up to carry when I get into one of those "o woe is me" times in my life. Forgive me for wanting to show everyone the cross I think I'm carrying.

Let me find the joy that You send into my life every day. Let me appreciate the sunrises and the sunsets. Let me give you thanks for every meal and the the heat in my house, the car that I drive, the clothes that I wear, and the family that loves me even when I am a grouch. Remind me that the sand on the beach, the water and the fishes in the ocean, the air I breathe, and the stars I long to travel among are all yours and that you graciously allow me to enjoy them.

Father--this Christmas, make me not ashamed at the tear that wants to roll down my cheek as I sing Hark the Herald Angels and allow my mind to pause for a moment and think about how great you are that you came to this planet and want to have a personal relationship with us, including me. And as the Gloria of Angels We Have Heard on High rolls off the tounge, make my heart joyous and imagine what it will be like someday to sing with the throngs of angels standing in the light of your presence.

Finally, Father, send your holy angels to protect the service men and women and civilians on duty around the world this night. The forces of evil are gathering and your guidance and protection is needed to guard and protect them. Be with the leaders of our country, may they turn to you for guidance and wisdom. Be with the homeless, that they may find shelter; the hungry, let them be fed; the grieving, that they may find peace; be with the children that they may have hope.

The magic of Christmas is that I pause and turn my thoughts to you. Restore the magic of your gift in my heart and help me to be giving to others during the year ahead.

Thank you for Christmas and reminding me that we need to reconnect. Forgive me for drifting away. Help me to do better.

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