Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I remember when I was a kid needing to name this day something. It was natural to call it the eve of Christmas Eve--hence, Christmas Eve Eve.

It is probably the toughest day of the year to be a kid. Or a parent!

It is like the middle innings of a ball game, or the middle of the third quarter of a football game.The end is in sight--but not yet close enough to be real.  It can still go either way.  There is a lot of playing time left. The excitement is building, but it is so easy to still crash and burn.

For myself--I'm going about my regular day. Racquetball at 5:30 AM, work, home, dinner, football on TV, conversation with the woman I cohabitate with, and then sleep. The wrapping is done--the decorations by now are all hung. Relaxation is in the air.

The big news this year is that Christmas Eve Eve is also a Friday.  I know, you are thinking, but wait, it is Thursday. Aha, you are right--but then so am I since Christmas Eve is the Federal Holiday Christmas Observed--and I don't have to work on Friday, then Thursday essentially becomes Friday!  AND (now here is the really crafty part) this week effectively has two Saturdays.

If that makes sense to you, then you are as wacky as I am.

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